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Journaling or Journalling - That's the Question!

What is Journalling?
Journalling is telling the story of your photos and memories. You might write a simple headline e.g. "Bob's Birthday" or names or dates e.t.c. OR you might write long journal entries with thoughts, observations, quotes, even song lyrics - whatever it takes to tell your story or capture the mood of the event.

You may want to use different types of journalling for different pages.

In years to come you will be glad that you have a handy reminder of what happened and what the emotion of the occasion was or what cute things the kids said. Or if the album is passed down to someone they will be able to tell what happened too.

How do I add Journalling to my Page?
You can write directly onto your background paper if you wish, but writing on a separate piece of paper and adding it to the page is easier and looks more polished.

Use a computer if you are worried about your handwriting or perhaps you just want to use the spellcheck facility!! There are so many beautiful fonts available, already installed on your computer and many more available free on the internet. (UK Scrappers do a running series on fonts see www.ukscrappers.co.uk ) Just remember to print onto acid free paper.

Other methods include stenciling, punch out letters, use sticker alphabets or diecuts. Or you may be lucky enough to possess lovely handwriting (if so I am jealous!).

What do I Write?
Some people think of the 5 W's when thinking what to write i.e. Who? What? When? Where? and Why? this can be a handy reminder of what to include.

Other tips for "journal block" are:-

  • Pretend you are writing to a friend to tell them what happened.
  • Ask yourself questions - what was you favourite part of? Did anything funny or embarrasing happen?
  • Do you page layouts first, you can then sit back and reflect on your photos, which may start ideas flooding! Just remember when you do your layouts to leave space for the journalling!
  • Jot down keywords - look at the photos you are journalling and write down the first things that come to mind. After you have your keywords you can start to incorporate them into sentences.
  • Get into the habit of journalling in advance. If you are at an event taking photos that you know you will want to use to scrapbook Write down details - names, dates, time, even what was the weather like to jog your memory later.
  • Get autographs from people at occasions - this is a beautiful touch to add to a wedding or school days scrapbook. Fantastic to look back on.

Your signature - don't forget to sign your work! In a hundred years time someone may be looking at your work, be recognised for it!

Extra Touches
For a baby page - trace the babies hand or foot and add the journalling inside the image.

For privacy hide your journalling behind a photo or in an envelope or minibook, even consider a lock and key!

For a pet page do your journalling inside a dog bone shape for a dog or a mouse shape for a cat. I have done this below for my scrapbook of George!

Click on the image for a bigger picture.

I hope this has been useful, if you have any comments on this article please e-mail me at info@jayrewcraft.co.uk