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Angel Policies

What is an Angel Policy?
An Angel policy relates to the copyright of an image usually and becomes important if you intend to sell any of your paper projects created with a particular image e.g. cards.

The policy is different for different companies, some may be totally happy for you to use their images, others may restrict you to a certain number you can use per year and some may request that you write to them to gain their permission before using for resale.

Certain characters may have further restrictions applied, we have included here the Angel Policy for Rubber Stampede and as you can see for an example the Suzy Zoo characters are heavily restricted for use.

Another biggy are the Disney Characters which tend to have huge Copyright restrictions applied.

Remember that the Angel Policies only apply if you intend to sell your products, if they are gifts for friends or family there shouldn’t be a problem.

Also important that the images must be individually hand stamped, you should not try and recreate e.g. by photocopying or printing or you would be in breach of the Copyright.

Angel Policy for Rubber Stampede

We appreciate that Rubber Stampede, Inc. Designs/Images are used to create a wide variety of stationery, craft and Home Décor products for resale. The Rubber Stampede copyright policy regarding uses of Rubber Stampede Designs/Images is as follows:

The entire contents of the Rubber Stampede catalog and all the designs/images shown are copyrighted by Rubber Stampede, Inc.

Non-licensed images may be reproduced provided that designs are hand-stamped only - no mechanical or electronic reproductions are allowed.

Licensed images such as Kerren Barbas®, Cynthia Hart®, Suzy Zoo®, Suzanne Nicoll®, Ellen Blonder®, David Walker®, Looney Tunes®, Disney®, Wallace & Grommet®, Lucy & Co®, Betty Boop®, Peanuts® and Posh® cannot be used to create products for resale. This is strictly prohibited by their licensing trademark policies.

If you have any concerns about Angel Policies for a particular company and whether you are in line with them then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@jayrewcraft.co.uk and we will find the information for you.