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Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards or ATC's as they are known are the new craze hitting the crafting world!

ATC's are small cards that can be decorated any way that you choose - there are only two rules:-

1. They should measure 2.5" x 3.5"

2. They should not be sold, only exchanged for other cards.

ATC's are a fantastic way of sharing new ideas and techniques, sort of like a sampler. Some crafters use them like a business card.

Usually the creator will add their contact details to the back of the card so they can be contacted for advice on the technique they used to acheive a particular effect.

ATC's can be made from plain cardstock cut to the 2.5" x 3.5" or by altering poker cards. Apparently it should really be poker cards because standard playing cards are not the right size!

Although some ATC trading clubs that have got together are allowing shaped cards as long as they are roughly the right size

The principle is to have fun! and not to get too hung up on any rules - let those creative juices flow and share them!!

It is a good idea though to make your cards sturdy enough to post.

I have made this ATC of George - I hope you like it!

Click on image to open in a new window.

The George ATC was made by:-

  1. A piece of cardstock was cut down to 2.5" x 3.5" and covered in blue and spotty HOTP paper.
  2. A HOTP round slide frame was inked with 3 different colours of ColorBox PetalPoint Fluid Chalks.
  3. A (as always cute) photo of George was reduced in size to 3cm square using the computer and printed onto photo paper - this fitted neatly into the slide frame.
  4. A HOTP tag shape was put onto cardstock, cut out and embellished with a paw charm. This was then attached with a flower brad to the ATC - as it is not stuck down it can move on the ATC.
  5. A "nameplate" was printed on the computer - trying out different fonts and colours in words - this was then cut out as tight as possible to the lettering and put onto a HOTP tag. This was then glued to the ATC and two heart shaped brads placed either side.
  6. The ATC was finished off with a piece of AMM baby blue ribbon applied in the top righthand corner.

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